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Title Year Medium
A Nasty Spot on the School Tie 2003pencil and conte
Advent of Soy Spam 2002pencil
Alchemist 2004mixed media on panel
Bearded Head no datesculpture
Beware of Mighty Ones; the Big Squeal Is Coming. 2005graphite and wash
Beware of Strangers Bearing Purple T-Squares 2004pencil and wash
Bird on a Bicycle 1970woodblock print
Boardwalk Oracle 2004mixed media on panel
Bottom from A Midsummer Night's Dream 1988conte
Bottom from A Midsummer Night's Dream 1988conte
Cassandra 1967linocut
Clown Leaning on a Mass of Linear Variations 1995conte
Clown Studies 2004conte
Commedia del Dragonfly 2005graphite and wash
Creation of Adam 2004pencil and wash
Death on a Red Fish 1976woodblock print
Don Juan in Hell 1962woodblock print
Don Quixote and Sancho Panza 1962woodblock print
Ectoplasmic Figure 1970etching
Egyptian Head no datebronze
Elemental 1980woodblock print
Enlightened Figure 1972woodblock print
Everyone Rubs His Magic Lamp a Different Way; Different Strokes for Different Folks 2005graphite and wash
Faust 2004pencil
Female Figure 1961woodblock print
Figure in a Red Robe no datewoodblock print
Figure in a Red Striped Skirt 1970woodblock print
Figure with a Red Beard no datewoodblock print
Fishing the Chattahoochee Downstream from Atlanta 2005graphite and wash
Four Figures 2001woodblock print
Gesture Drawing 2004conte crayon
Ghost of Petrochka 1997pencil and wash
Great Sprigo: Human Jack in the Box 2004pencil and wash
Group of Bronze Masks no datesculpture
Head and Torso on Red Background 1966linocut
Head in Profile 2004black and white chalk
Heartburn Ascending no datesculpture
Heartburn Ascending no datesculpture
I Don't Give a Toot 2002pencil and wash
I See the Anger Management Scroll Didn't Work 2001pencil
I'd Rather Be in Your Net than Live Downstream from Atlanta 2005graphite and wash
If You Can't Get In To Skull and Bones, There's Always Chicken Head 2004pencil and wash
It Takes Really Long Noses To Make Nixon Face Stew Oh So Good. 2004pencil and wash
It's a Move I Got From Markie Mark 2004pencil and wash
It's Not a Magic Lamp, It's a Teapot 2004pencil
Jester no datesculpture
Jester and Torso no dateceramic
Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors 1965woodblock print
Juggler no datewoodblock print
Laocoön 1967woodblock print
Lecture Demonstration 2004conte and pencil
Little Elwood 2005graphite and wash
Little Honey Pot and the Killer Bee 2005graphite and wash
Lone Star 1970etching
Lord Rochester Pulling the Feathers Out of his Guardian Angel's Wings 2005graphite
Lunar Mask no datebronze
Making It Through All the Tacky Little Art Games 2001pencil
Mardi Gras Figure 1976woodblock print
Mask on Black Paper 1999conte crayon
Mask Seller 2004mixed media on panel
Masquerader 1969woodblock print
May Bell Holleybush 2001pencil
Mechanical Bird on a Bicycle 1970woodblock print
Mechanical Figure with Cornucopia 1970woodblock print
Mechanical Fortune-teller 2004mixed media on panel
Medusa 1986bronze
Merlin 2005tempera
Mermaid 1986pencil and wash
Mirth Contemplating the Fate of Humpty Dumpty 2004mixed media on panel
Needless Markup Shopper no dateceramic
Neptune 1966linocut
Oberon from A Midsummer Night's Dream 1988conte
Orphio 1965woodblock print
Orphio (Blue) 1965woodblock print
Pan and a Nymph no datewoodblock print
Pied Piper of Hameln 2002pencil and wash
Pig Feet and Purple Umbrellas 2005graphite, wash, and colored pencil
Pillsbury Dough Hermaphrodite 2004pencil and wash
Processional Figure with Hearts 1972woodblock print
Prospero and Ariel 2004pencil
Puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream 1988conte
Punch and Judy: I Have Taken Out Life Insurance on the Baby 2004pencil and wash
Puppet Show 1998pencil
Puppeteer 2005graphite
Robed Figure 1972woodblock print
Samson Enchained 1964woodblock print
Seated Figure with Hearts 1972woodblock print
Seated Figure with Mace 1972woodblock print
Seated Figure with Masks 1969woodblock print
Seated Figure with Red Ring 1976woodblock print
Soldiers 2002mixed media
Solomon 1964woodblock print
Standing Figure no datesculpture
Suppliant 1965woodblock print
Telling a Joke 2004pencil
Thanksgiving Turkey 2004pencil and wash
The Formosan Termite Puppet Is Eating Up All the Other Puppets 2004pencil and wash
The Great Rinaldo Plays the Musical Skulls 2004pencil and wash
The Three Fates 2005graphite, wash, and colored pencil
Three Heads 2003pencil and conte
Time and Fate 2004pencil and wash
Untitled no datecharcoal and conte
Untitled no datesculpture
Untitled no datesculpture
Untitled no datesculpture
Untitled 1972woodblock print
Untitled 1980pen
Untitled 1986bronze
Untitled 1986pencil and wash
Untitled 1998mixed media
Untitled 2004pencil
Untitled 2004pencil and wash
Untitled 2005graphite and wash
Untitled Figure 1969woodblock print
Warrior Priest 1966woodblock print
We Don't Give Trick or Treat to Elves 2001colored pencil
Why Don't You Just Eat the Corn and Forget about the Knock-Knock Jokes 2005graphite and wash
Will It Be Pumpkin Pie or People Pudding 2004pencil and wash
Winged Figure on a Bicycle 1972woodblock print
Winged Head 1986bronze
With Enough Timpani, I Think They Will Sing a Nice Duet 2004pencil and wash